Goldson Corporation

Property risk comes in many different forms and proactively minimizing exposures can protect companies when the worst happens. Our specialists can assist you with identifying your risks, analyzing and prioritizing them, and optimizing your property insurance and risk management program.

Property risks span a wide spectrum, from building damage caused by a fire, to natural catastrophes, to supply chain disruptions. Any of these and a multitude of other property-triggered business interruption (BI) incidents may present a worst-case loss scenario, so it's important to have a robust plan in place to minimize exposures and recover quickly.

Goldson Corporation’s property risk advisors help you understand and manage these risks, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: your business. We take a holistic view of your full spectrum of property and BI risks and help you build a strong foundation for driving down your total cost of risk and improving resilience. With the support of Goldson Corporation, you're not merely purchasing property insurance — you’re gaining a collaborative risk management approach that can help provide peace of mind and a competitive advantage.

Our US property professionals do more than just place the insurance that protects your business assets and revenue streams. We are trusted advisors that collaborate with you to identify and account for your most significant property exposures.

We work together with you, using proprietary analytics to quantify your risk so that data-driven decisions can be contemplated. This approach allows us to develop innovative solutions to help you avoid, control, transfer, and manage your risks in alignment with your company’s goals and needs.