Goldson Corporation

Goldson Corporation’s financial and professional liability specialists can design solutions to help safeguard your company and employees, enabling you to focus on your business.

Today’s global organizations face an unprecedented number of threats, from cybersecurity risks and data breaches to political instability, rapidly shifting regulatory and legal changes, public image crises, and even organized crime. Added to this is the continued threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still impacting businesses around the world.

It might feel overwhelming trying to address all of these risks on your own. Goldson Corporation’s Financial and Professional Liability (FINPRO) Practice is here to help. Our FINPRO advisors have specialized and long-standing industry expertise to help you identify and manage your company’s risks. Working in tandem with other Goldson Corporation businesses, we offer holistic solutions that support your organization’s innovation and growth by protecting your company from increasing legal and regulatory exposures. This enables you to increase shareholder value while achieving your risk management objectives.

Goldson Corporation’s industry leadership sets the bar for executive insurance and risk management advisory services. No matter what risks your company is facing, we are committed to helping you conduct your business with confidence.

Within the United States in particular, there has been a significant shift in insurer appetite for financial and professional liability risks brought on by years of escalating securities class action claims, increasing loss demands, and previously unforeseen risks associated with event-driven litigation.

Our US FINPRO Practice is committed to developing risk solutions and services that ensure you get the right amount of coverage and the most value out of your insurance programs — both evolving and new — and ultimately make you more successful.